Loans despite attachment – Who will approve


Hardly any clerk can approve loans despite attachment. The attachment ensures that the financial scope necessary for loan repayment is lost. However, not all cases are the same. The contribution deals with credit options and requirements.

Loans despite attachment – mastering difficult conditions

Loans despite attachment - mastering difficult conditions

Loans despite seizure can be approved in individual cases. However, one cannot speak of a problem-free procedure. First of all, it is important to get an overview of the current situation. To be clarified first, has the attachment been completed and the debt settled? In addition, self-disclosure should be obtained from Credit Bureau before an initial credit attempt is made.

The reason for this procedure: After a seizure has been completed, the debt is repaid. No further seizures are to be feared, the income can again be freely used for loan repayment. With a little luck, the garnishment has not even been registered with Credit Bureau. Every creditor can report the incident to Credit Bureau, but not every creditor automatically works with it. Ideally, the normal funding channels remain open.

A loan application should only be made after the research has been completed. The right lender can only be determined through the facts obtained. A loan refusal triggered by a hasty loan application is noted in the Credit Bureau and unnecessarily worsens the situation. If one bank declines, other banks become more careful.

Correctly assess credit opportunities

Correctly assess credit opportunities

In addition to the personal preliminary checks already mentioned, the revenue and expenditure calculation now comes to the fore. First of all, an income above the seizure allowance would be desirable. At the very least, the income surplus calculation should show a credit repayment ability or a solvent guarantor must step in.

The attachment, even if the debt was paid, probably resulted in a negative Credit Bureau entry. As a lender, the usual house banks, ordinary online banks and mail order companies fail. Loans remain possible despite the attachment of special providers.

Credit opportunities through specialist providers

Credit opportunities through specialist providers

These include the credit brokerage industry and, more recently, special banks. The offers can only be found on the Internet. In this case, we are looking for a loan without Credit Bureau, which is also known as a Swiss loan or a foreign loan. At least the negative Credit Bureau entry can be invalidated in this way.

It becomes more difficult if the attachment is not done. The negative Credit Bureau entry is valued and the attachment does not leave any financial scope to make installment payments. In addition, disposable income is now so low that a foreign loan and its often considerable additional costs are becoming prohibitive.

In the worst case, if no suitable loan offer can be found, the charities for loans remain in acute emergencies despite attachment. The church can also provide credit for the car repair that will keep the job or the broken washing machine. However, there is no legal claim.